Finally starting a blog of my own…


Well I’ve finally been convinced to start a blog…  I’ve been a guest blogger various times for VMware and Nutanix but now after some motivation I’ve finally decided to kick off a blog of my own.

I hope this will act as a source of good information and knowledge, or as an area for me to rant about bugs or issues I see with various products :)

The key items I’ll be covering will be:

  • Technology and trends
  • Architecture concepts and design
  • Products
    • Nutanix/VMware/Citrix/Etc.
  • Code/Scripting
  • Bench-marking/Performance
  • Beer? :)

Hope you all enjoy!

  • Chris Wahl

    Happy blogging :)

  • stevenpoitras

    Thanks Chris, definitely looking forward to it! :)

  • Damon Campbell

    Hi Steven,

    Looking forward to your tips and tricks around Nutanix and Citrix.


    • stevenpoitras

      Damon —

      Absolutely, I have a few for MCS/PVS that I’ll be sure to post!

  • Pete Sayers

    Cool! Looking forward to seeing your posts and sharing our thoughts on your topics.

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