Advanced Nutanix: Simple ESXi Host Upgrades


Managing a large lab environment and working with the latest/beta builds, I’m constantly upgrading my environments.  In this post I’ll cover how I perform ESXi host upgrades in an easy/automated manner.

Normally I’ve used VUM to manage upgrades and patch roll-outs, however recently I’ve been a huge fan of using the CLI to perform these (not to mention it’s way faster).  The command used for the upgrade is ‘esxcli software vib install …’ which will update the vibs to the desired level which will be applied on the next reboot.  Another nice part is the Nutanix platform stores all of my ESXi hosts information in an accessible variable called hostips (also there’s a variable for all of the CVMs called svmips)

Here are the steps to perform the upgrade:

  • Download the offline bundle of the desired ESXi version from VMware (will be a .zip)
  • SCP the offline bundle to a Nutanix NFS container mounted by the hosts (I use NTNX-upgrade)
  • Log into a Nutanix CVM
  • Perform the upgrade with the following command (run from the CVM)  NOTE: this will upgrade all hosts in the cluster.

  • Un-mount the datastore if necessary (run from the CVM) NOTE: this will upgrade all hosts in the cluster.

  • Re-boot the hosts to allow the update to take
  • For Nutanix NOS versions < 3.5 or if the pyNFS vib is not installed follow the following KB to modify (LINK)

Here’s an automated way to proactively migrate VMs and perform a rolling reboot of hosts using PowerCLI:


Whala, now all of your hosts are upgraded!

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