StevenPoitras.com is a personal blog about technology, trends and everything in between.  Here I’ll cover some of my experiences and thoughts not published in formal media.

Here’s a quick introduction to my experience from LinkedIn:

Steven Poitras is a Solutions Architect and Technology Evangelist on the Technical Marketing team at Nutanix, Inc. In this role, Steven helps design architectures combining applications with the Nutanix platform creating solutions helping solve critical business needs and requirements and disrupting the infrastructure space.

Prior to joining Nutanix he was one of the key solution architects at the Accenture Technology Labs where he was focused on the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) and Next Generation Datacenter (NGDC) domains. In these spaces he has developed methodologies, reference architectures, and frameworks focusing on the design and transformation to agile, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructures which can be consumed in a service-oriented or cloud-like manner.

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